Holy Ghost! “Jam For Jerry”

10 Mar


“Well, did the sky open up above you in the dark?,” Holy Ghost! vocalist Alex Frankel asks the late Jerry Fuchs, who died when he fell down an elevator shaft in 2009. Not intending to gettoo one-note, this house meets synth-pop elegy is a back-and-forth between heart-on-the-sleeve remembrance of a friend and tight-lipped tribute to the drummer’s prodigious talents:”You set the tempo, set the pace/ From the top, from the start/ Never slightly late.”

Holy Ghost! innately grasp the visceral appeal of propulsive dance, but “Jam For Jerry” pairs it with the conflicted emotions that stem from tragedy. On the New Order-like chorus, Frankel warmly exclaims, “If I could change it all I would/ If only I could,” then appends it with a nearly swaggering vote of confidence (“You can quote me/  Hold me to it”); a dose of inexplicable guilt gets thrown in there too: “I get the feeling I’ve done, something half wrong.” The second half of the song is subsumed by that chorus, which gives way to an instrumental outro that builds and then, simmers down to silence, never quite resolved.

— Brandon Soderberg, March 9, 2011

From:Pitchfork’s Playlist


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